February 15, 2012

Daruma Sushi

If you are getting tired of pasta and pizza and want to go for a lighter luch or dinner maybe you should stop by Daruma Sushi. Daruma Sushi is the first chain of take away sushi in Rome and the quality and prices are really good. You decide yourself if you want to stop by yourself to get your fish or if you prefer to pay a little fee for delievery at your home or in the office. Even though Daruma is mostly known as a take away place the chain also has a sushi restaurant in EUR, where you can have a real dinner.
You find Daruma Sushi in Piazza Bologna and on Piazza Euclide, but the chain also has stores in several other areas of Rome, e.g. Prati, Monti, Ponte Milvio and the historical center at Piazza del Parlamento.  

Piazza Bologna 8/9. T. +39 06 4404962 Via G. del Monte 9. T. +39 06 80692655 www.darumasushi.com

February 08, 2012


Just a very brief post to inform those of you who don't already know it, that Gap has opened an enormous shop in Rome. Now, I know this is mostly interesting for my Danish readers, since Gap is not present with shops in Denmark, but those of you coming from the States or other places where Gap is present, may want to know where you can find your local Gap :-)

The store has opened in Via del Corso in what used to be Messaggerie Musciali - later on Mondadori. The shop is unrecognizable after Gap has taken over. Gap is especially great when it comes to casual home wear (Perosnally I prefer the hoodies, t-shirts etc). Last but not least the floor upstairs has a great section of children's clothes.

Remember that I have dedicated a whole post to shops which you don't find in Denmark. Click HERE to see it.

Via del Corso 472/473. T. +39 06 68408800 www.gap-italia.it