Must Have Survival Items In The Wilderness

Anyone planning an escape to the wilderness must prepare adequately to face the harsh and challenging outdoor environment. A wilderness survival kit is an essential gear that every hiker, explorer or hunter must have. A wilderness survival kit contains all the tools and equipment needed to enable one get through and have a memorable experience.

A basic wilderness survival kit is capable of supporting an individual for up to three or more days while in the desert. However, the amount of space available in a backpack will determine the type of survival gear to take into the wild. Below are the must have survival items in the wilderness.

Survival Items


A durable and powerful flashlight is the best accessorjmkmn2wet26wey72u282y a camper or wilderness explorer can have. A flashlight that is water-resistant and has adjustable beam is recommended. A flashlight helps in illuminating when darkness befalls. Most campers and hikers tend to forget flashlight when assembling their survival kits.

Fire starter or Lighter

This is an essential accessory that one cannot do without while in the wild. A fire starter makes it easy to cook, light, purify water and warm shelter to fight the harsh cold at night. It is ideal in case of emergency situations. A compact and lightweight fire starter is adorable.


A communication device is vital. It connects one to the outside world in case of emergencies such as disasters. Most individuals prefer carrying small radios as they are easy to carry around. It is critical especially when one is adventuring alone.


A whistle plays a vital role when one needs to signal others in the wild, particularly when one of them gets lost. There are various survival whistles to shop around. A whistle can be easy to overlook, but it is crucial.


A survival map is beneficial in case one is visiting a remote area they have never been to before. Missing the direction in the wilderness is easy. However, carrying a map together with a compass make navigation easy.

First Aid Survival Kit

All sorts of injuries and accidents can occur while in the wilderness. A First Aid kit helps to curb such emergencies before seeking doctor’s help.

Food & water

Intelligyh23etd36edy722i92o20ent campers and hikers always take enough food and water to the wilderness to get them through. It can be very hard to find food and water in the wild and is good to carry own food.


A shelter is a primary survival kit to carry when adventuring into the wilderness. Sometimes the wilderness weather can change and will be good if one takes a shelter. A tent helps to extend the adventure time in the wild. The size of the tent to carry will depend on the number of people going out.

A trip to the wild can be very thrilling when planned well otherwise it can be unfriendly. The above are the must have survival items in the wilderness that every enthusiast should consider.…